Guide – communication and trust

How is your team doing these days? Do they trust each other? Do they understand their needs?

Do you remember that movie with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor… What was that… Oh yes, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil“? (Btw. Kevin Spacey was also there). Without knowing each other, with some limitations, they had to solve their problem(s). So here comes the Guide activity (of course depending on your mood feel free to call it by the movie title) and its variations.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, source:

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, source:

First of all: you need space (or was it Spacey…) and time. Second – you need a team. Split people into 2 groups, blindfold 1 group  and let them out of the room. Now explain remaining people the goal, which may be one of many variations, the common thing is that the remaining group (Guides) randomly picks up the papers with tasks to do. Be creative here, I give you just some ideas.

VERSION 1 – easy

  • Some objects set/hidden in the room; or think large if you have time (or just bring some fun to other departments)
  • Some leaflets with names of the objects written on them (1-2 on each)
  • Guides pick up the papers (one per each)
  • Blindfolded guys come back and on distance are selected by Guides (1-1). (“Hey, you! Yes, you in red! Come here!”)
  • Now each Guide instructs the other one to reach the goal, however the goal/object cannot be named directly.
  • Prerequisite: they need to know at least the names of all members

VERSION 2 – my favourite

  • All as above, except Guides cannot talk. They can only instruct the others by touch from the back (eg. by clapping hands, touching the arm to turn, grabbing the hand and closing fingers to touch the object.
  • Blindfolded group will be totally confused and not knowing what is going on.
  • Trust and collaboration is very important here. In this version it may be wise to stay in one room.

VERSION 3 – quite funny can be

  • Instead of using objects – Guides need to teach blindfolded some activity
  • Examples: making some moves by arms and legs, dancing, or walking in the specific way
  • It’s funny when it cannot be explained by words (try teaching someone dancing by grabbing his legs, when he does not know what is going on at all!) but it’s also quite difficult.
  • At the end take the blinds away and let the participants show their activity. 😀

OK, it sounds funny but when you think about it – it’s great task with quite nice outcomes.

When the task is done – let both groups express their feelings and thoughts. Notice all the situations when Guides had to understand the real needs and confusion of blindfolded person.

Keywords: trust, understanding, leading, security, communication.

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