New year 2014

Happy New Year!

New year, 2014, so time for some changes.

First of all – still looking for a permanent job. Of course it’s great to have holidays when I want, travel when I want and where I want, or being picky with Customers. But I’m still learning and developing my skills and permanent (or at least long term) contract has some advantages. What changes here? Agenda… More time for calling people than other professional activities.

For you, Reader, the most visible change is the look and feel of the website. Simple, black and white, big letters… You are here for the content (I hope), not for the fireworks.

The last, but not least – I extended my private list of locations I want to work in. Now I can choose between France (I’m still in Paris), Morocco (5 months there – love the place!), UAE, and some other Middle East locations. Each of them I’ve visited, spent some time there and each has its pros and cons. We will see from where next posts will come.

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