Random questions – introduction

Well, it’s for sure nice when participants introduce themselves. But sometimes we need to bring some life into introduction part of our training, e.g. for ice-breaking. Or any other reason of course. So here is one of my introducing activities: Random questions.

  1. Participants get small papers and pens.
  2. They write question(s) on them. It’s up to the facilitator to set the rules for the questions, e.g. how many or what kind of questions (standard, creative, funny, etc.).
  3. Then papers are collected, mixed and each participant needs to take one and of course answer the question(s).
  4. Variations:
  • Some variations are possible here – use your creativity.
  • You can think of funny way of delivering the questions, or having the softball so the person who just answered the question will select another participant, etc. (people like throwing stuffs at each other ;D)
  • Also, when you do only one question, it can be answered by the one who picked it up and the next one selected, this way each participant will answer 2 questions (the first one gets the question from the last one).

If you are using similar activity – share it in the comments!

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