Random presentation – introduction

Once again we are about to start our session. And once again we need participants to introduce themselves. If you are looking for new introduction activity – you are in the right place. This time – Random presentation.

It’s a variation of introducing another person in pairs (check my other activities), just here people should feel more comfortable.

  1. Participants get sheets of paper and pens.
  2. They need to write about themselves, maybe draw something, but not their name.
  3. Don’t tell them that someone else will present them.
  4. After that papers are mixed and one by one picked up by participants randomly (that’s funny when they realize that).
  5. Now some variations are possible:
  • each person just reads what is on the paper, the one described stands up at the end and gives his/her name plus 1-2 more sentences.
  • or they are given some time to prepare the introduction in their own words
  • or the trainer lists the words to change with other words in the introduction: like “IT” with “zoo” or “manager” with “jedi warrior”, “developed” with “punched”, etc.  so the participant now describes someone with new words and the person stands up at the end
  • or if there is more time and one of the goals is teambuilding, communication etc. – let people walk around and find their pair by asking questions about what they have on papers
  • or the one who wrote it needs to ask yes/no question to find one with his/her paper.
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