Tag cloud – introduction

Take the participants out of their comfort zone from the beginning, just not too much. They expect to introduce themselves in a standard way – why not. Just make it bit more spicy by using my activity: Tag cloud.

Preparation is very easy: make some small pieces of paper, so each of them fits one word or short phrase. Depending on the time and how easy you want it to be – 5-10-more pieces per participant. You will also need enough pens of course.

Task: each participant gets the papers and writes on each of them 1 word or a short phrase describing him/her. As a trainer decide if you give them total freedom, or maybe you want only the verbs, or nouns, maybe adjectives or mix of them?

Now the funny part – watch their faces: collect the papers and mix them! Randomly provide them back to the participants.

Time to introduce yourself, guys!


  • describe yourself by using these words
  • or describe yourself avoiding these words.

By the way real “tag cloud” is also nice way of presenting participants or building other activities. They may use big paper, flipchart, interactive whiteboards or pc if they have one.

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