Training manager – LinkedIn profile update

Training Manager seeking new challenges. Yes, that’s me.

“Szewc bez butów chodzi”… It’s a Polish proverb. Wondering what that means?

For quite a long time I have been advising my Customers to update their LinkedIn profiles and CV/resume. There is of course more than just updating but I want to keep it simple and short for this story.

And the story is: I’m advising, advising and keeping my own profile not updated; that can’t be a good message, don’t you think? So here (actually it is up) it comes: my new profile of Training Manager who actively seeks new challenges in France and Middle East.

The first change: Headline

Small one, but quite important: headline. It directly states who I am and what I’m looking for. Maybe will be updated later again with some more specific keywords, but stays for now.

The second change: Summary

Previous one was quite long, the new one is simple and full of keywords. When you reach my profile you directly know what values I can bring to your company. In this case: all that concerns training. Training here and training there, everywhere training.

The third change: Links

I’m going to focus not only on the blog but also on managing my contacts through Twitter account. Why not Facebook? Well, I’m trying to separate business life (blog, LinkedIn, Twitter) from private (Facebook). That’s why my profile got this small update: link to Twitter.

More changes: coming soon

For sure the job is not done yet. In the next steps I will update not only my profile but also CV. If you are a jobseeker – think how you can change yours.

One may be wondering why I want to go back to business instead of staying on my own. The truth is I’m still young and I need (and want) to develop some more skills, get more experience. The worst thing one can do is to assume he has reached everything and knows everything.  My plan is to work for someone at least for 10 more years, gain experience and then decide on the next step.

OK, the proverb is still not explained. But at least you read the story. Now go and think how you can make your profile better and leave the proverb as it is. Or google it 😉

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