Yet another “email Monday”?

What was the first thing you did today, just after reaching your office? No, I’m not asking about that coffee at the cafeteria nor the one at the machine. I will not be guessing too much I believe, if I say: you started your PC and opened Outlook your emails.

I tell you something: you need to talk to me about your habits (my email is up). Or just keep reading.

Nowadays we have all the technology and social networks around (sure… around…) us. Emails, facebook, twitter, linkedin, phone, tablet, pc… I know some people who have no emails to read in their inbox on Monday morning: they keep reading them during the weekend. Maybe it’s a solution to stay competitive? Others will just come to the office and start reading emails, not only on Monday but the following days also.

But here is the trick to keep you more focused and to release pressure:

Email is asynchronous way of communication

which simply means, that sender assumes receiving response later, maybe even not at all. If he wanted to have immediate response – he would use the synchronous tool. Let me name one for you: phone call.

So, to make it clear:

  • Don’t read your emails, at least not all the time and not all the emails.
  • Focus on your stuffs, follow your daily agenda (you have one, right?).
  • Put READING EMAILS in your agenda and stick to it. It can be there 3 times per day or as many as you want, just keep it as a point.


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